28 January 2014

How Did This Get Made?

Do you ever watch a movie and wonder "Why for anyone ever think this movie would be a good idea?"
Don't worry your not alone.
Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas host the How Did This Get Made? podcast. They take a look at these movies that they describe as so bad they have become awesome.
Some of my favourites have been Sylvester Stallone's Cobra, Daredevil and Hudson Hawk which saw the birth of the film series Nundercover.
So apart from the literally overuse of literally the show also looks for second opinions of the film from 5 star reviews on IMDB or Amazon, revelations of how much the movie actually made and some factoids about the making of the film.
So if bad movie watching is your thing then definitely give this a listen.

How Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

How do vaccines cause autism?

28 February 2011

Waratah Jesus

This man is one of the most passionate Waratahs fans I have never met.

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04 November 2010


If this "science" actually worked wouldn't it interfere with your phone's reception. It would be a terrible purchase.

in reference to: Mobile radiation shield released | The Daily Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

14 October 2010

Champagne Forum Posting

If you're looking for information on the D-Generation past, present and future this is where you want to be.

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02 September 2010

The Fancy Part of Town

It was a pretty quick trip through the remainder of Italy then France and Monaco to get to Spain.

We stopped for a drink and a quick look around in Portofino. I was clearly dressed inappropriately for the small town. I wasn't wearing white slip on shoes, denim or chino shorts, a white or blue and white striped t-shirt and the jumper or jersey tied around my shoulders. Although Brooke could of dressed a little better herself as she was no match for the lady in the Burbury chequered dress shirt, dark blue tight denim jeans and gold sneakers.
Our next stop was Monaco. I have never seen so many exotic cars being driven around at the same time in my life. Us in our Toyota Tarrago with a comet painted up both sides drew more attention than the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porches, BMWs and Mercedes. On our way out of town we met the courteous  BMW driver in the world, he let us in onto the round a bout ahead of him. It was either that or he didn't want us behind him and risk bumping into him.

The next morning we visited Avignon. This town was the Papal city for a brief time when Italians weren't too happy with how the Catholics were running Rome. It was a very Medieval looking walled town. A large church with a castle next door and large plaza but my favourite sight was the large elephant statue which had him balanced on his trunk.

Our stop for that night was Millau. This small sleepy town has only really gotten on the map since the built the world's tallest suspension bridge across the valley. The Eiffel Tower can fit underneath it. The town has embraced the bridge as it now adorns every postcard. Quite a few visitors are drawn to the area because of it.

Next on our list of places to visit was Carcasonne. The old city is world heritage listed and also the setting for a couple of books Brooke had read (Kate Mosse I think called Labyrinth and Sepulchre). It was also the fairy tale like castle we had been looking for.

The rest of the day was spent getting to Costa Brava and Platja d'Aro to catch up with Dave.