23 November 2009

An introduction..... of sorts then some talk of an old radio show.

Hi. I'm me. I'm looking for a new form of procrastination. I'm also looking for a new way to develop my writing skills. I am currently training to be a teacher. Primary (elementary for you American types) school to be more precise, hence the need to improve my writing skills.
So here we go....

Today marks the two year anniversary of the final episode of Get This.

Back in 2006 two men got together and created one of the most amazing radio programs Australia had ever listened to since the mid nineties. Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee met during the filming of an Australian film called BoyTown they soon discovered they had a love of all things movies.

Tony is a legend of the comedy scene in Australia and Ed was driving radio station promo vehicles giving away icy cans of Coca-Cola and Mariah Carey CDs. Ed basically lied to Tony about his radio panel operating skills to get the job and it was decided that someone else needed to panel the show. At first they enlisted the help of a guy named The Bear (he in no way resembles one) and later the late and great Richard Marsland and the show was born.

The show titled Get This consisted of Tony and Ed inviting a someone else in and having a chat over the hour. There were sketches, listener call in segments and then interviewing the guest. Some of these guests included Richard E. Grant, Kevin Smith, Weird Al Yankovic, Billy West, Will Arnett, Seth Rogan, Harry Shearer, Bert Newton, Dylan Moran, Ross Noble, Chris Isaak, Lachy Hulme. Ben Folds, The Wiggles and many other local and overseas people with the only condition being that they must be in the studio and live.
Get This grew from one hour to two in 2007 allowing Tony, Ed and Richard to do their own thing in the first hour and interviews in the second and because of this rating soared. They consistently scored in the top three in their time slot.

This inevitably led to their axing. News reports often stated "Get This so popular that Triple M management don't know what to do with them." What was happening was that listeners were tuning in for the show then tuning right back out once it was over. They were moved from the mornings, to lunch time and finally to mid afternoon.

A few weeks after Tony announced the axing on air rallies were held in Sydney and Melbourne and a few other places such as London and Tokyo with the Melbourne rally outside the Triple M studies being the largest. Never before have I seen a radio show's axing inspire people to gather to show management that they made such a terrible decision.

Two years on and people still listen to Get This. Some wonderful person released high quality recordings of every episode (if you ask nicely I might be able to help you out) which helps also social networking has keep the memory alive. If you are a Twitterer search #GetThis you will find people randomly posting quotes from the show.

Get This became more than just a radio show. It became a community. Tony, Ed and Richard made the listener feel a part of the show. It went so far as to Ed organising a lift from the studio to Melbourne airport so he could pick up a friend who was visiting from Canada. I look back at those days fondly running back from class to stream the show I never managed to call in to participate in Talkback Mountain, or send in a picture of myself wearing a cape to celebrate Capril or do a crappy impersonation of Star Trek's The Borg for Borgust but I enjoyed every moment.

Thank you Tony, Ed and Richard for making those two year some of the most amusing.

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