25 November 2009

Love Them. Protect Them. Never Inject Them?

The North Coast of NSW is a beautiful place in the world. Beautiful Rivers, serene rain forests and National Parks and generally a great sense of community. However there is one thing I wish we weren't known for. We have the three worst postcodes in terms of immunisation rates in the country[1].
Now I wish I could lay it all at the feet of one particular organisation but sadly I cannot. However what they promote surely cannot be helping. The Australian Vaccination Network with Meryl Dorey as their most public face advocate the use of homeopathic vaccinations or exposing children to the virus so that they build a natural immunity[2]. They do this through selling t-shirts, publishing a magazine entitled "Living Wisdom", hosting seminars and "webinars" and publishing news and opinion pieces that support their agenda and denounce those that don't.
They do all this saying that they are a pro-choice organisation and that they want concerned parents to seek out all the facts before making their decision to vaccinate their child. However when looking through the website, the articles published and the blogs written by Meryl I could not find single piece of information that listed the benefits of vaccination. If they wish to be taken seriously as a pro choice organisation then they need to cover more than just the possible problems with vaccinations.

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