27 November 2009

Train Stories Part Three

This one happened very recently, two weeks ago actually. 

17th November 2009 some time before 4pm.

I was just dropped off at St Leonard's train station, bought my ticket and jumped on the next train that said Hornsby. I pulled out The Shadow Rising (Book four of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, pressed play on my iPod and the soothing sounds of Tony, Ed and Richard as they nattered on about some Get This topic. It was after Chatswood that I realised I may have a problem. City Rail sometime during the year opened a new line that connects Chatswood to Epping. The train then heads up the Northern Line to Hornsby but to cut a long story short they train arrived in time.
Now that fascinating paragraph isn't the highlight of the story. It was the guy who stumbled on at Gosford. I was sitting in the last carriage, in the second row from the door. Sitting in the first row on the opposite side were a pair of German girls heading to Byron Bay as a part of the Australian East Coast Tour. In front of me were two Scandinavian girls heading to Brisbane and on the other side of the aisle was two random guys. Anyway the Gosford guy during his travels to Taree consumed two piccolo bottles of wine. He also must of been drinking whilst waiting for the train.
Somewhere between Wingham and Taree Gosford Guy stubles passed my seat, the German girls seats and stops at the doorway, leans up against the wall, faces the girls and slurs "Where are you from?"
"Ahh Germany." the brunette replies.
"That's good" the slurred reply came. What followed was a long pause. He then turns and heads of to the buffet car.
Everyone within earshot of what went laughed and not just a snicker. It was the laugh of a group of people sharing a great joke.
"I think he likes you." said one of the randoms trying to keep the mood going. It was followed by a few more chuckles. Some conversations start up between the different sets of seated passengers and I return to my book.
Two minutes later a female voice came over the intercom "Security to the buffet car please." With renewed laughter we all realised that Gosford Guy was denied service and that he decided to put a bit of a fight. What happened next had a touch of the Keystone Cops about it. The two Transit Officers made they way up the train but soon after Gosford Guy makes his way back to his seat. He managed to avoid them for a couple of minutes before the caught him between carriages.
It was quite anti climactic in the end. We all piled off the train hoping for something dramatic but sadly he walked of without a fuss. I guess it was his station.

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