26 November 2009

Train Stories Part Two

Technically this didn't happen on a train but it did occur whilst I was waiting for a train so I am including it.

2002 - I had just visited Maitland to attend a police auction. I was looking for and found a cheap mountain bike. I standing on platform one with my newly acquired bike waiting patiently to head back to Newcastle. This older, grey haired balding man shuffled past me. About three steps later he stopped, turned around, pointed to by bike and said "We'll all be riding one of them soon."
"Really?" I stupidly replied.
"Yep. As soon as the Chinese over run the country we will." Here I was thinking it was because of dwindling oil supply or something like that. He also managed to gain my interest with this sentence.
"China?" I gently prodded.
"In 2007 an asteroid will hit California."
"California?" I now really wanted to see how this linked to Australia being invaded by China.
"The asteroid will wipe out America and because of the San Andreas fault line an huge tsunami will head our way. We will have 5 hours to to get to the top of the Great Dividing Range. The wave will hit us then wrap around the mountains the flood the out back." He was on a roll now and wasn't going to be stopped. Now because of all the water the outback will become quite fertile and will help Australia become quite prosperous. the because America no longer exists China will invade and take over Australia."

And there you go that is how we all will be riding push bikes one day.

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