24 January 2010

Waratahs v Reds: Trial Match 23.01.10

Not going to post a summary you can read a better one here http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/waratahs-v-reds-trial-match-report/.
For me it was a strange decision to choose Lismore as a venue for a trial match. I would have went to Coffs Harbour. Once you enter the Far North Coast people start to lose interest in NSW (I worked clothing retail in Grafton and we always sold out of Qld gear before NSW) and Lismore is a much stronger Soccer and League town. In saying that 3400+ people was a good turn out and the ground looked quality all things considered.
The match was ok. I guess. It was hard to feel excited with it being a trial and all and the crowd were looking for some action and a bit of sizzle. The Reds received boos every time they opted for the penalty instead of looking for a try and the Tahs received applause (from the stand I was in anyway) when they went for try.

Reds deserved the win. They were more adventurous in their attack and they could of had the lead earlier if Adam Byrnes hadn't dropped the ball as he crossed the line.
I would have loved to have seen both sides throw caution to the wind more often. I can count the times the Tahs passed the ball to the outside center on one hand. The Reds had a few more but only when they had crossed the 50.

Reds warming up

Tahs warming up

I think I managed to get a photo of Noddy doing his thing.

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