18 April 2010

My Favourite Children's Cartoons as an Adult

Samurai Jack
A samurai warrior (Jack) is sent to the future by an ancient, powerful and evil entity (Aku), where Aku rules the world and other planets as well. Jack battles his way around the planet as he seeks a way to return to the past to undo the evil that Aku has afflicted on the planet.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Ang is the latest in a long line of Avatars that maintain peace amongst the four nations. There is the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads. Each nation contains people who can bend the element that gives their nation its name. Each generation has an Avatar and the succession follows the Avatar Cycle (Water, Earth, Fire, Air).
Upon finding out that he is the next Avatar, Ang runs away only to be caught in a storm and is frozen in suspended animation. During this time the Fire Nation as conquered many lands from the other nations and killed off all the remaining Air Nomads. 100 years later a sister and brother from the Southern Water Tribe (Katara and Sokka) find Ang and they join him on his quest to master the remaining three elements so he can defeat the Fire Lord.

The Batman
Bruce Wayne has been The Batman for only a year. Gotham is in relative safety for now. Soon an increasing number of super criminals are appearing on the streets. We are introduced to revamped villains, characters and themes.
Now it isn't quite as good as Batman: The Animated Series from the 1990's however it really highlights the issues Bruce Wayne struggles with as being The Batman and is his presence alone the reason for the increased "super" villainy.

Invader Zim
Zim is the least competent invader of the Irken Empire, an alien race that prides itself in its ability to invade other planets. Zim single-handedly halted Operation Impending Doom. The Tallest (Irken's assign the role of leadership to the tallest of their species) have now declared the commencement of Operation Impending Doom II and to avoid the catastrophe of the previous operation they send Zim and his information retrieval unit GIR to Earth, a planet so far away and so backwards that it is very low down on the invading priority list.
On Earth Zim meets Dib, a paranormal investigator and son of the famed scientist and saviour of the planet, Professor Membrane. Dib is only the only human who knows what Zim is, despite his poor disguise and Dib vows to stop Zim form taking over the planet.

The Spectacular Spider-man
Peter Parker has just commenced junior high. He was bitten by the radioactive spider at the beginning of summer. He spends his time with his best friends Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn,  keeping clear of Flash Thompson and helping Dr. Curt Connors in his science lab. Initially Peter is only thwarting petty crime but New York's crime boss creates super powered villains to defeat Spider-man.
Peter has to cope with school life, his fame as Spider-man and home life.

Iron Man: Armoured Adventures
A young Tony Stark lives his life inside his father's company, Stark International. He and his father are constantly competing to see who can out invent each other. Tony's latest is the Iron Man armour. they are on their way to the testing grounds when a strange light appears inside the jet. Tony wakes up in bed with 

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