18 April 2010

Things I Would Love to See Happen but Probably Wont

The following are in no particular order. They are generally silly and don't reach the lofty heights of worlds peace. So enjoy.

Pete Smith releases a tell all book

Think about it. He was around when all the great show biz stories happened in the early years of Australian television. It would be such an amazing read. Sadly though Pete has been asked about this by Tony Martin a few times and his response has always been "Not enough people dead yet."

The Release of Boy Town Confidential
You may remember the movie about an aged boy band who get back together and reclaim their popularity. Written by Mick Molloy and his brother Richard it was not up to their previous work on Crackerjack. Tony Martin had a small role as the documenter of Boy Town's renewed fame. The title of the documentary was Boy Town Confidential and it was to be released as a special feature on the DVD.

From all reports it was a work of genius. Tony even called it his best work to date. Which brings it to the crux of the problem. BTC was cut from the DVD release. The Molloy boys' gave the reason of funds. Tony offered to pay for it but still the boys said no. So we now only speculate on the reason for it exclusion. Supposedly Tony and Mick don't talk much any more.

Bring Back Firefly
Joss Whedon's sci fi tv series was cut after 14 episodes. It was well made. Incredibly hard to fault. Joss Whedon at his finest. Fox however didn't like the ratings and cut it short. DVD sales were off the charts. Large enough to get funding for a movie.
The cast have moved on to other things now and even though a lot of people want to see it come back it probably wont.

The Wallabies to win the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand
Out of the list so far this is the most possible and technically I'd be happy for anyone but the All Blacks to win. I really don't want to see any Northern Hemisphere side to win either. I'd allow Ireland. All that leaves is South Africa or Australia and the Springboks won it last time and we don't them to be the first to go back to back or the first to win it three times. So all that leaves is Australia. And we will have a genuine chance too.

Hockey to get regular TV air time in Australia
Just to clarify I am talking about hockey. Not ice hockey. Hockey was played on land before it was on ice. 
Hockey is quite a popular sport in Australia. We are dominant in world competitions but sadly within our own country it receives hardly any press unless we win something big. Obviously it doesn't help when the biggest tournament that is played is a part of the Olympics however the World Cup is growing in strength. 
In Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands hockey matches are large events and the players in their national competitions are professional. 
Hockey Australia have taken the first step by setting up the Australian Hockey League and they are now making it a longer style competition between the states. Hopefully it catches on but I can't see it happening. 

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