11 April 2010

Was Kurtley Beale Offside?

The setting was last nights' Super 14 game between the Waratahs and the Crusaders at Christchurch.
The moment was during the 68th minute.
The Crusaders had a ruck on half way after some scrappy play which saw possession switch a couple of times.
The Crusaders' half back, Fotuali'i picks up the ball, takes three steps and throws a long pass to the right, Kurtley Beale manages to intercept the ball and would have score a try. 
However, Joubert, the referee considered Beale to be in an offside position and awarded a penalty.
From what I can tell there was no signal from the assistant referee. Sean Fitzpatrik, All Black legend, during the summation of the game, said there was a nod to Joubert from the side line but I couldn't see it. 

Have a look for yourself.

Here is that picture a little bigger

After some quite correct comments on Youtube. (I have the line in the wrong spot)  I'm putting up another picture. This one is of when Fotuali'i has just pulled the ball from the ruck. I haven't drawn any lines this time just to let you decide for yourself.

Now in this one the ball has just been pulled from the ruck. Beale has stepped in line with his other players. Who are standing on the line that can be made from TPN's foot.

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