23 July 2010


I was such a nanna last night. In bed and asleep by 8:30. All the sleepless travel finally caught up with me.

Funnily enough I am sitting in another pub writing this, The Brewery Tap in Chester. Tudor style but not built in the Tudor period according to the tour guide that walked me around Chester. I felt sorry for the tour guide. I was the only one signed up for the tour. It was great for me. She took me to sites that she usually don't let in tour groups.

I saw my first squirrel. It was fishing McDonald's fries out a garbage bin. After a few goes in it found a half eaten apple then darted up a nearby tree quite excited about its find.

The Chester Wall is pretty impressive. The Romans really knew how to build things.
I think I have seen most of Little Britain's characters down the high street.

Tarporley is a great little town. It really feels like the town in Midsommer Murders. I'm feeling a little insecure as it is usually the visitor who is murdered or is found guilty of the crime.

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