23 July 2010

mmm.... Chocolate

Brugge was fantastic.

We caught a tram to Oostende then the train to Brugge. We almost managed to accidentally scam first class seats but conductor wouldn't let us.

It is great place to just wander around. Particularly if you are a fan of churches. Food is a tad expensive though.

Most of the streets are cobblestone and there are some quaint little alley ways you can get lost in.

Waffles with ice cream are a must and I could of easily spent my remaining Euros trying the different kinds of chocolate. One strange chocolate find was the chocolate milk in soft drink can.

I saw a dead ringer for Harold off neighbours. Today was also the first day I had to pay to go to the toilet.

We ended the day in Oostende after spying The Australian Ice Cream Company. We wanted to see how good we make ice cream, Funnily enough it tasted just like Haagen Daas or Copenhagen Ice Cream shops. I guess it is easier to sell if people think it is from another country.

Tonight was out first experience cooking in the rain. We've now added a tarpaulin, tent pegs and rope to our shopping list.

Tomorrow we are heading to Amsterdam for a couple of nights. Should be fun. 

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