23 July 2010

Pray, Hope and Keep Your Daks On

The last few days in London were fantastic. If I only knew the exact locations we went.

On Friday Brooke took me to a French restaurant that only serves steak and chips with their own special sauce. The only decision you have to make is how you want your meat cooked. You can't booked ahead and have to line up outside and as it is so popular there is usually always a queue even in the middle of winter.

Caught up with Bec Stanton on Saturday and met Luke (her soon to be husband). I finally found a suburb that looks like the ones on TV.

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant at the West End.

We spent Sunday buying supplies and other odds and ends for the Europe Trip. I did see Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, The Marble Arches and a stupid amount of people all spending their money at place called Primark. It was Christmas Sales in Australia and apparently it happens all year.

Monday we picked up our van from Wicked Campers. It is a beautiful Toyota Tarago (or whatever they call them here). Brooke has named it Haley as it has been painted up like a comet. Thankfully we weren't given the one with the stoned Super Mario on it or the one with the massive ding down the side.

Also I am feeling confidant about the journey now. Wicked Campers have asked Saint Pio to protect us on our journey. D-Generation's The Late Show fans might remember Pio as the Padre who Tony Martin and Mick Molloy pointed out on one of their vox pop segments. As they pointed out the Padre says to “Pray, hope and don't worry.” which was better than his last saying which was “Pray, hope and keep your daks on.”

We took the scenic route out of London towards Canterbury and Dover, we saw the London Eye, Big Ben, the British Houses of Parliament and the Tower Bridge. This wasn't by choice (misheard instructions from the Sat Nav).

So now we are sitting at our first camp site at Hawthorn Park outside of Dover waiting for the Ferry tomorrow to head to mainland Europe. We've changed our plans for where we are headed. The route is now Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and then back to England.

Really should go to bed soon. The ferry leaves at 5am and check in ends at 4am so our alarms are set to three.

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