27 July 2010

They Like to Wear Orange

Early-ish we packed up the van and headed north to Amsterdam. We decided to not spend too much time sight seeing on the way so we could a full two days at our destination. Wuustwevel was our lunch stop just near the border. Brooke ordered one of the best ham and cheese toasted sandwiches I have ever tasted and I ordered something that looked interesting in Dutch and what arrived was a platter of tasty tidbits with ketchup and mustard.

We arrived in Amsterdam mid afternoon and began looking for a camp ground. The one we were recommended had no spaces for camper vans but the lovely person behind the counter gave us a list of other sites within the city and suggested one near Gaasperplas. Which was actually cheaper and nearer to a train station so we were very happy.

We decided to stay at our site for the first night and hit the town bright and early on Friday.

What a day it was. We picked up a walking tour brochure and began our stroll around town. They love their museums in Amsterdam. There was Amsterdam's historical museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank's museum, Rembrandt's museum, Van Gogh's museum, the sunglasses museum and a sex museum are the ones that come to mind. They also love their architecture and their architectures. With each stop on our walk pointing the design of some building and the revolutionary guy who did it.

The slant on most of the buildings are little off putting. Most of the buildings look like they have been drinking too much and are using the building next to them for support.

We had a traditional Dutch meal at McDonalds for lunch to make use of their free Internet and their power points to recharge a few batteries.

One of the biggest challenges of the day was to pronounce the street and canal names. Reguliersbreestraat was my favourite. Other notable mentions were Sint Antoniesbreestraat and Kloveniersburgwal.

We headed home for a quick shower and a change of clothes however three beers each and two hours later it was half past eight and we were finally back in town and heading for the Supper Club for dinner.

What an experience that was. Thanks to Parker and Gin for the suggestion. For seventy Euros you get five courses and entertainment served to you whilst you are laying back on large pillows on very soft mattresses. The host and the wait staff were both eccentric and flamboyant. And look out Sydney because Howie (the host) is heading south for our summer.

Once dessert was consumed it was midnight. We headed home as Saturday was promising to be a bigger day than Friday.

So Saturday started off with a bang. We slept in and had a late breakfast. Then we decided to wait until after lunch to head into town. After a cooked lunch (we're getting much better at gas top cooking) we went for a walk around the park next to the camp grounds and by 6pm  we had arrived in town. The evening consisted of a pub meal then an eye opening walk around the red light district of Amsterdam. I lost count of the amount I times I saw guys trying to take a sneaky photo of one of the window girls only to be met with a closed curtain with a middle finger pointed straight at them.

So by ten we were back home and in bed for the drive to Hameln in Germany to visit the town of the famed Pied Piper.

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