11 August 2010

For Some Reason Rats Like Pipes

We packed our van and left Amsterdam and headed for Germany. By headed I mean meandered. It took us little while but we did see some great Holland country side. At about midday we grew sick of the back streets and plotted our course straight for Hameln.

Twelve kilometres short we found a castle atop a small village called Schaumburger. It was a beautiful hilltop fort and it clear how they planned to protect themselves from invaders. The local beer lived up to the view and we continued our drive to Hameln and began looking for a place to stay.

Halfway up the hill overlooking Hameln we found a picnic table and chairs and set up our first free camp site of the trip.

The next day arrived with gloomy weather and it immediately began raining as we arrived at the tourist information centre of Hameln. With map in hand we followed the rats trail around the town. They love rats in this town. They adorned pretty much everything. They even painted white ones of the footpath for tourists to follow.

Another theme that has popped up in the trip has been historical or tourist sights being surrounded by scaffolding or being renovated and Hameln didn't let us down. The church and the adjoining hall were having their footpath renovated.

After a brief stop at another castle (can't remember the name) we tried to leave the area. And I mean tried. Using both the Navman and the maps we went up roads, down roads, through towns, across valleys and continually turned around by road works without a single sign that told us how to get around the closed road.

So it was around 8:30pm we arrived at Fangschleuse to the camp ground we will be using for the next couple of nights. After negotiating with the manager (she in German and us in English) we had a camp site and promptly went to bed.

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  1. How is it all going over there, hope your having fun. Sarah and I have worked out our trip. when will you guys be able to chat with us about this. Ill send through some details later on this week.